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    E-Cigarette Inforgraphic

    Just came across this, and all the information on it, and thought to share it. It’s a long image, so I guess I don’t have to write much, as it’s self-explanatory. I would love to print this and post it up on my wall, although it wouldn’t really go with my stuff in this room, mostly nail and crafty stuff lol. I’d post it in my honey’s man cave if he had one :P. Check out the forum post here. xoxo Emily

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    Saturday Smiles – Nail Polish

    I figured I would give the title more than just “Saturday Smile” So what is Saturday Smile, well anything that makes me smile basically. I thought it would be fun to do. Today I choose something I love, nail polish. Oh yes, I am a nail polish lover, my love for polish, well it’s all over my wall. Check it out! First a couple pictures of my current nail polish I am wearing, I have to say it’s gorgeous, and holographic red, it’s by China Glaze, named Ruby Pumps, this polish makes me smile big time It looks a lot prettier in person than in the photo, sorry to say.…

  • Hello (again)
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    And Here We Go Again

    Here I am again! The first time I had a blog going on here, and then what happened? I got hacked, and everything was wiped out, my host didn’t even have a backup. I was so so heartbroken. I just let this sit here. Until now. I am ready to start blogging again here. I do have another blog I have been blogging on for over 10 years, you can find that at http://www.she-says.com, you are probably asking. Why another blog? Right?? I don’t blame you, this isn’t the only blog I have. I have blogs for different reasons. I have a nail polish blog, you can imagine what that…