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    Happy Birthday To Me

    Yay, it’s my birthday, again LOL. So most of the day today, well almost all of it, I spent alone, don’t feel bad for me. I don’t know many people where I live, really I don’t know anyone. I have awesome online friends, wish they all lived near me because we’d be hanging out But I did get to spend it with Daisy, which by the way I had to shut the door to the computer room, as she is biting on my laptop cable. I’m not using the laptop, but she was biting on it and it is plugged in. Too scary, hate to see her get electrified. Anyway,…

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    Simon’s Cat in ‘Scary Legs’

    I was browsing this forum I go to often, and I saw this image that one of my friends on there posted as a status, it was so funny but creepy at the same time because I imagine that happening to me. Hopefully never but you will see, I had a good laugh when I saw it and was compelled to save it and share it. Click the banner below and check out their website. I can’t really share it on Facebook as you can’t really share animated images, nor can you on Twitter, not to my knowledge, but you can on Tumblr so I may go ahead and share…