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    Saturday Smiles – Nail Polish

    I figured I would give the title more than just “Saturday Smile” So what is Saturday Smile, well anything that makes me smile basically. I thought it would be fun to do. Today I choose something I love, nail polish. Oh yes, I am a nail polish lover, my love for polish, well it’s all over my wall. Check it out! First a couple pictures of my current nail polish I am wearing, I have to say it’s gorgeous, and holographic red, it’s by China Glaze, named Ruby Pumps, this polish makes me smile big time It looks a lot prettier in person than in the photo, sorry to say.…

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    Saturday Smiles

    So I thought I would do something each Saturday to put a smile on my face, and if it puts a smile on someone else’s face, FANTASTIC right? So wasn’t sure what to do. I was going to give it a specific name but thought Saturday smiles, it can be anything from a poem to a photo, to a quote! It will be something fun to look forward to, and to do, not to mention share with my anonymous visitors that I will get from time to time. Some things I find I won’t know where they came from, so I can’t give credit if it belongs to you, by…

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    And Here We Go Again

    Here I am again! The first time I had a blog going on here, and then what happened? I got hacked, and everything was wiped out, my host didn’t even have a backup. I was so so heartbroken. I just let this sit here. Until now. I am ready to start blogging again here. I do have another blog I have been blogging on for over 10 years, you can find that at http://www.she-says.com, you are probably asking. Why another blog? Right?? I don’t blame you, this isn’t the only blog I have. I have blogs for different reasons. I have a nail polish blog, you can imagine what that…