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    Busy, No Time For YouTube

    I have found that I get too busy, and I neglect my YouTube channel. In all honesty, I find it has become a burden. I no longer enjoy it like I used to, but I keep it because I do product reviews and I like posting them on YouTube. I am considering changing my YouTube name, currently, it is PrettyThingsRock, I feel I have outgrown the ‘Rock’ portion of it. I like the PrettyThings part but I think I am going to change that too. When I do make the change, I am going to delete most of my outdated videos, and just leave more recent review videos up. I…

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    Wow! I actually forgot!

    Believe it or not, I actually seriously forgot I had this blog. Maybe it is time to let it go? I’m sitting here while catching up with Big Brother. I received an email about this blog needing to update, and it hit me. I hadn’t updated since January. I feel terrible, but life has been so busy. recently decided to focus more on my reseller business, as I have tons of stuff to list both on Ebay and Poshmark. I had been listing on Ebay, but I finally decided to cross-list onto Poshmark. I am considering Mercari which is another listing platform. I haven’t really looked into it as much,…