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    Biggest Loser Rachel Did She Lose Too Much?

    Today I finally decided to catch up with the finale of the Biggest Loser, and boy was I totally shocked!! I’m all about getting healthy, losing weight and all that jazz. But losing TOO much weight is not right, it’s unhealthy and really what kind of a message is being sent to those kids out there that watch the show? And that idolize some of these contestants? I was looking the chatter on twitter, and there was someone that said, Rachel is her idol, I thought OMG seriously, last weeks episode maybe but not today, I’m sorry this is my opinion but she lost way too much weight. Before she…

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    I Hate Being Hungry!

    I think the worst part of a diet, is not the exercise, well I guess that is too hehe but it’s adjusting to not eating, what you normally were eating, or should I say the portion size. The first few weeks, you go hungry. I hate that! I can’t even be near the kitchen, because I get hungry haha. I try to drink water when I get hungry, it helps fill me up. I’m trying to stay under 1,660 (corrected) calories a day, some may think that is a lot, but I think for myself it’s ideal at this time, perhaps later it will change. But as mentioned, it’s just…

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    November Already?!!

    Halloween has passed, and now we are in November, although here in Massachusetts, it feels like Winter at times, it is still officially Fall. I feel we didn’t have much of a summer, it wasn’t as hot as it normally is, at least in my experience. Even so, I try to enjoy the weather no matter what it is. Recently I have had problems with my knees, could be my weight, could be something else. I really need to make an appointment with my doctor and check it out. Like right this minute I should be calling, but I am not, bad Emily Lol. Why do I do this to…